Mark Prescott: Three is the magic number…

Stop ruining my mini-angle Prescott!!

…well maybe not so much this year!

Remember that FREE BDH Guide I gave away in April?

That super-robust, profitable over the past eight years mini-angle?

The one I had been profiting from myself?

Yeah, that one. Not done quite as well this year, has it!? (if you don’t know what I’m on about you can grab the guide here)

It’s horse racing though. Nothing really works like clockwork.

Mini-angles like this can dip from year to year, sometimes with no explanation. You can be left sitting there thinking “what the bloody f**k is going on!!“.

This Prescott mini-angle has certainly had a dip this term. But, thankfully, there is an explanation for the dip.

The yard were ill during the first part of the season. They only had ONE solitary runner of any description during March. They had NO runners during April and May! There were NO qualifiers on this angle until the end of June.

You can’t win anything with sick horse. You most certainly can’t expect a mini-angle to tick along as sweetly as normal with sick horses!

To put it in perspective this angle usually ticks along in the 30%+ strike-rate bracket. In fact it isn’t unusual to see it bouncing up around the 40% mark.

This year? Well it’s scudding along the floor like a lame duck (they scud along the floor, right?!), at a ‘measly’ 18%.

It’s obviously not just this angle that has been struggling to pick itself up off the floor. The Prescott yard as a whole are firing some way below par.

They can usually be expected to fire at around the rather impressive 25% figure. This year they are limping with the bizkit at 14%.

The early season problems really hit the performance figures for the Prescott battalion.

But fear not ye faithful BDH readers. Thing are, thankfully, starting to pick up.

Going back to my Prescott three-year-old ‘grinder system’ we see that…

It was 0/4 in June. A loss of -4 points.

It was 2/18 in July. For a loss of -8.36 points.

It was 5/17 in August. For a minor profit of +£1.09 points.

The horses probably weren’t really ready at the back end of June. Prescott will have needed to gauge fitness after illness. He had to fire something out. How they run on the track is the best indicator. They ran sh!t*.

In July they were probably still just feeling the effects of whatever was holding them back. It was better, but not quite there.

August, well that was a bit more like it. A 29% win strike rate and a 53% win and place strike-rate. That’s more what I expect, and more importantly it’s probably more what Prescott expects.

In truth I imagine Prescott will have found a way to use the inconvenience of an early season set-back to his advantage. He’s a shrewd operator. He freely admits to bending the handicap rules to within a ball hair of breaking point. He won’t have minded a few down the field runs as his squad were getting over the mid-season blues.

So where does that leave the mini-angle? 

Well I would expect it to take a bit of an upturn from here on in until the end of the year. The yard’s runners look much sharper. They may have just needed a run or two to get up to speed. The mini angle might just creep into profit. Even if it doesn’t it shouldn’t be forgotten about. There are legitimate reasons behind it’s below par performance to date. Prescott hasn’t suddenly stopped being a shrewd operator. He makes it his business to try and pull the wool over the handicappers eyes. Generally business is good. It WILL be good again in the future

I guess the next time I unlock the door on one of my grinder systems I should make sure the yard are not about to shut it’s doors for a couple of months due to illness!!

Ben (BDH)

p.s. if you want my original blueprint for the system then you can grab it here > > > Three is the magic number

p.p.s. if you want access to more free guides from myself then pop your name in the box here > > > FREE BDH/NTF Guides

p.p.p.s. there are two runners on this angle tomorrow at Brighton. WUNDERKIND & LIBRA ROMANA. Let’s hope the revival continues…

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