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I must admit I’m quite a fan of Clive Cox. He’s a trainer I think is massively underrated despite the fact he churns out a healthy stream of winners year after year.

Sure, he’s not up there with the likes of Richard Hannon or Richard Fahey, in terms of numbers, but he produces more than enough in the way of winners from his relatively limited numbers.

I’ve actually got a couple of angles plugged into the databases revolving around his squad, although the one I’m sharing with you today was only uncovered by myself on Tuesday morning (25th April) during my usual morning peruse through all things stats based…

How did that win?


Date: 24/04/17

Race: 6.15 Windsor – Sky Bet Windsor Sprint Series Handicap

Angle: Clive Cox’s Windsor runners

Clive Cox | Windsor | Good to Soft or quicker ground | Horse aged no older than 6yo | 0-3 starts in current season | SP (industry SP) 12-1 or less

Since 2014…

27/62 | 44% S/R | +£92.21 BFLSP – W&P 40/62 | 65% S/R

98% above expectation

Yearly breakdown…

2017 – 3/3 | 100% S/R | +26.66 BFLSP

2016 – 12/23 | 52% S/R | +38.32 BFLSP

2015 – 7/23| 30% S/R | +8.33 BFLSP

2014 – 5/13 | 38% S/R | +18.93 BFLSP

Nothing overly complicated on the filters front but they provide a chunky set of figures to go to war with.

Will this angle keep producing the profits? 

Absolutely no reason why not. As I said at the start of this post I’ve a couple other Clive Cox angles that I make good use of and they’ve been doing a fine job for me in recent times, and there is no reason why this one won’t continue producing the goods either.

Cox is a consistent trainer and the fact he has the ever reliable Adam Kirby in the plate for the majority of his string only goes to strengthen his hand.

Windsor isn’t really a track I play at all that often (out with the trends/angles side of my punting) but I’m excited to have this Clive Cox angle in my war chest for the track.

This latest angle has been added to the ‘How did that win’ page.

Ben (BDH)

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