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Welcome to BDH

Hello and welcome to BDH!

Most of you will know me from my original racing site Narrowing The Field (NTF) which has been running since 2009.

BDH started in the summer of 2013 and is the flat branch of my racing analysis.

If you haven't already done so then please join the FREE updates list above which will keep you up to date with all of my racing news, views and analysis. You will also gain access to multiple free racing guides (both Flat and National Hunt) and you will also be in line for discounted sign-ups to any of my two racing services (BDH & NTF).

My main area of interest here on BDH is those races that are run on straight tracks and, as the name suggests, I look at those horses that ran well from a poor draw. I then thoroughly scrutinize those horses and isolated exactly where we can profit from them in the future.

I also analysis most of the top races run throughout the season using my unique blend of Race Trends, a method I have been evolving and sharpening (and will continue to evolve) each and every year .

A lot of this will be restricted to full members, however, there will be plenty of information available on the free BDH Blog and if you are not interested in joining the other members in the exclusive BDH members area then please do make sure you read the free analysis and pointers that I will be regularly posting on here.

Please feel free to drop me an email at if you have any questions at all.

Best of racing luck – Ben Aitken (BDH)


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Customer Testimonials

As ever, Apt, Targeted, Professional & Proven Analysis. So glad your messages & website concentrate on presenting your Analysis & Opinion in a Human, Intelligible and, crucially, Intelligent manner.


Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts with your service and compliment you on last Saturdays selections. Bloody Genius! It was just one of those epic days!

R Neville

I’m sure I’m just one of many to congratulate you on the advice to follow Problema Tic, not only in terms of citing the horse but also nominating the race he may well win!! 

Despite my personal reservations about his recent form, I couldn’t let him go unbacked given your insight and understanding how the Pipe team can execute a plan. 

This is not a tipping service but a real insight to the optimum conditions when a horse may perform to its best.


Regards - Gary

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